Carrier Street Chiropractic originally began as Mair Street Chiropractic Centre. In 1997 Dr. Michelle Lloyd joined the MSCC team as an associate and in 2002, took over the Practice as Principle Chiropractor.  In 2006, the Practice moved to its present location in Carrier Street and became Carrier Street Chiropractic.

Today Carrier Street Chiropractic is a thriving family chiropractic practice specialising in providing chiropractic care based on the latest research.

We utilize multiple chiropractic techniques including:

* Gonstead

* SOT (Sacro occipital technique)

* Activator

* Thompson technique

* Network (NSA)

to be able to provide the care best suited to your needs and to help you and your family achieve your desired health goals.

Dr. Michelle has a keen interest in children and pregnancy and has completed a 3 year post-graduate Pediatric Diploma, and as such is Board Certified in providing care for infants and children and women during all stages of their pregnancy.


Our Mission:

'To provide safe, gentle and effective Chiropractic care for individuals and families so they may experience optimal spinal health and wellbeing'.

 "Nerve Supply is Life Supply,

Keep Yours Healthy with Chiropractic"


 We see people with:

  • Acute and chronic back pain
  • Bulging, herniated, or slipped discs
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Posture issues
  • Issues with walking
  • Sporting injuries
  • Hip and leg pain
  • joint mobility
  • Muscular, ligament and soft-tissue injuries
  • Hyper extension (whiplash)
  • Pregnancy pains and ailments
  • Balance